Phasmophobia: Hall Of Specters 3D

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En Düşük Fiyat: $0.99 — Çıkış Tarihi: 16 Ocak 2019


Get ready for a new horrific experience.

In Phasmophobia, you will need to navigate throughout the haunted halls
to collect all the hidden pages in order to escape. But beware, for each
page you collect, the game will increase in speed, and the spirits will
be angered. Gather the pages and find the exit!

Phasmophobia was originally part of an indie game jam in which
developers had to remake a classic arcade game. We added a horror twist
to ours.

And now there is a new unlockable game mode exclusive to Hall of
Specters 3D, Insanity Mode! In this new mode, you have only one life and
there is a time limit! If you dont beat the game within the time limit
you lose!

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